Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lets get started.....

Today, like many other people, I've had an urge to create a blog, original, I know...... Everybody has a blog nowadays, but who wants to read half the mindless crap on here anyway, eh?

So I don't want to drop a blog into an endless sea of normal, generic or quite honestly bloody boring crap, I want to share with this world, my experience as a council worker, no no, not the normal stuff that I do everyday, that's just pish posh, I'm talking about the people I end up working for every day in your typical council home and just to clear it up: no, not everyone is this stereotype, but yes, there are a...... few.

I'll be quite honest, I see some sights, and I hear some mind blowing things from these people, things you may look forward to hearing, some you won't and obviously I cannot post willy nilly information, but will just generally let you know what person my mind today.

Have a laugh.

- Your Confessing Council Worker.

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