Thursday, 14 June 2012

A cup of tea I'll never forget.

Today's post is short and sweet, I'm not usually one for accepting cups of tea or coffee from tenants (I usually carry a bottle of water with me, yes yes, I know its hard to believe being a council worker and all but I do, honest.) But today was a bit chilly and the gentleman seemed nice enough to not attempt to drop something in my drink, so why not.

I carried on with my work, having a sip here and there, not really looking inside the cup or paying much attention until I took the last big swig.....

My jaw dropped as I looked in the mug I've just been drinking from, It was thick, black and tarry. Before you say anything, it wasn't just tea stained like the above picture, no no, this was much, much worse. My jaw still low, my mind spoke for me: "What the flaming heck?" How could you have something this dirty, let alone give it to someone to drink out of, give it ME to drink out of? 

My apologies for this next paragraph, my curiosity knows no bounds, I had to find out was this substance was. Partially disgusted with myself for drinking it and partially intrigued, I decided to scrape away at some of the grime, it flaked like lime scale, but was still quite dark. Seriously, how long would you not have to wash a mug for it to be that bad? That's the last cup of tea I'll be accepting unless its in my own mug.

P.S: To be honest, I'd sooner he did drop something in my drink.

Have a laugh,

- Your Confessing Council Worker.

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